Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quartzsite 2014 - RV Show and Flea Markets

We got here a little over a week ago so we could beat the crowds.  We didn't want to arrive at Quartzsite along with 150,000 of our closest friends all at the same time...
So we got here on a Tuesday, got our Winegard Traveler DirecTV installation done on Wednesday and Thursday and hung around with our friends.

And we also went to the RV show under the Big Tent.  It opened on Saturday morning and the first thing we did was to drop off our Blue Ox hitch at their maintenance booth/tent.  They said come back the next afternoon to pick it up.  We waited until two days later.
 When I went to pick it up, it was very easy although I did not recognize it at first.  I knew it was mine because of the three tie wraps I put on it.  (Obviously they all have "Blue Ox" on the side and most are black, so that would be no help.)
The mechanic double checked the serial number and sure enough that was ours.  It has some new pieces and parts.  Like the new ball joint and extension (aka Hitch Connector) plus the standard washer kit and lube.
It cost $25 total.  Best deal around!  I was told that we could have mailed it into Blue Ox ($95 plus shipping each way).

Some of the draws here to Quartzsite are the RV Show and the Flea Markets.  Over the past few days we have seen a lot of both.

I think we have been through the RV Show tent (or parts of it) three times.  And about the same number of flea markets.
Lots to do and see here.  We will probably be here for a few more days and see if we can find something we can't do without...

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. Very nice review on Quartzsite. Last night I was reading "GoneByRV" and saw that Steve and Karen, Bill and Kathy (we know from Red Bay) and Randy and Pam were dining together. We know you although we've not met. Of course Steve and Karen are great friends from our native Virginia that we haven't met yet either. Anyway, seeing you at the table led me to your blog. On your blog I saw RV-Dreams Journal with Ruskin, FL in their title. After reading their blog I see they're 4 sites from us. So we had a photo op with them this morning before they flew to Grand Rapids for a seminar. RV-Dreams was the first blog we read in 2009 when we first began thinking about full-time, which we did March 2013. Just wanted to thank you for getting us in touch with Howard and Linda!

  2. How nice to see the good work Blue Ox does.. I have heard they do a great "tune up" for folks at these big gatherings. Next time we will have to check into that too!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. So much fun to read about your adventures! We HAVE to get our RV out of mothballs and go somewhere! After our cruise, of course! When you get to Tucson, get in touch and I'll give you a tour of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (I'm a docent there---for 14+ years).
    Pam (and Randy)