Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bowl Games Books and Stuff

With Christmas and New Year's both in the middle of the week, it seems like we have two long holiday weeks.  I like the slow pace and have had some time to do some hanging out.

We have seen some bowl games in the evenings which have been quite entertaining with close scores.  I particularly like the fact that many of the lower ranked teams have won!  Good for the underdogs!
Except a couple of the favored teams I was rooting for:  my alma mater Arizona State got beat handily by my brother (and sister-in-law's) alma mater -- Texas Tech.  I didn't have a good feeling about this one and ASU lost 23-37.

We also watched daughter Kelly's Baylor Bears get embarrassed by University of Central Florida 32-42.  They seemed like they came out at the start thinking that they already had the game won.  UCF came to play and socked it to them.

Then there was son-in-law's Georgia Dawgs.  Georgia got down near the 20 and couldn't score against Nebraska.  It was a much closer one but they lost 19-24.

So far my favorite game was Duke vs Texas A&M.  Duke?  How strange is that to see them as a good football team?  Basketball yes -- but I don't remember them doing that great a football.  Even though they came up short it was a great game.

Often times I find myself cheering for a team I normally wouldn't root for but with only two choices, what are you going to do?  Kind of like a presidential election...

We have been on a few hikes and a couple of days ago went to the Bolsa Chica Reserve.  One of the many wetlands area nearby.
It was right across Pacific Coast Highway between Sunset Beach and Huntington Beach.  Nice way to spend a couple of hours.

Also during the last couple of weeks I have gotten plenty of reading in.  I just finished one book and am about 1/2 through another.  I always seem to have four or five going at once so it was nice to finish one.

Then yesterday we awoke to very thick fog.  It stayed that way most of the day.  In fact it was so thick the my weather app said, "100%" humidity.  I learned something.  I only thought that happened when it was raining.

One good thing about the fog is that it leaves everything wet.  Like the dirty RV.  We can't wash our RV at our campsite, but I did take the opportunity to climb on top and wipe all the dirt off.  No soap or any thing else -- just wiped it off and got rid of all the dust and dirt that had settled up there.  Helps get rid of the dirty streaks down the sides.  The Roadrunner looks better and I got some good exercise.

We ran a couple of errands yesterday at the post office and over the HomeGoods and Dollar Tree and Roger Dunn Golf Shops.  Pam mailed a book that Melissa signed for my brother Brad.  She did all the photography in a book of vegan recipes from StickyFingers Bakery in Washington DC, so while she was here she autographed it.  Then we found a couple of bucket hats at the golf store and Pam mailed them off.

And yesterday I spent half the day doing some work, so that kept me busy.  That's about it for the last few days, a little this and a little that.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. Gonna watch our Packer Game tomorrow??? Then you can see some REALLY cold Wisconsin Weather! (we ain't going to the game, will be cozy and warm in our own comfy livingroom)

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

    1. That is one that I want to see. I remember the Ice Bowl and the Bart Starr/Vince Lombardi days and I want to see if Rodgers can get them going again!

  2. Well, we watched the Chicago Bears lose to the Packers, which is our nemesis...very disheartened by that..But, like we say about the Chicago Cubs, "wait until next year"...Sounds like your weather is great out there. Ours here on the Rio Grande was cool, then got warmer, and now for the next few days...COLD...Could be worse, we could be in Illinois, right?