Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Roadrunner Financials - August 2013

This is one of our busiest travel months ever.  The cost of diesel fuel reflects that.

Roadrunner Recap
We made 10 different stops along our route from Boise Idaho, along the Oregon Trail and Columbia River, to the State Capitol in Salem.  Then we headed for the Pacific Coast and spent some wonderful days along it before we saw the Redwoods and ended up in Travis AFB, California.
All told, it was about 1170 miles.  Here is a list of places where we camped:
  • Boise, ID
  • Wildhorse Resort and Casino RV Park, Pendleton, OR
  • Le Page US Army Corps of Engineers (USCOE) / John Day River Park, Rufus, OR
  • Cascade Locks, OR
  • Salem, OR
  • Newport, OR
  • Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, OR
  • Crescent City, OR
  • Redwood Empire Fairgrounds, Ukiah, CA
  • Travis AFB FamCamp, Fairfield, CA
Good News Areas Under Budget

We have our diesel fuel back in line after a couple of months of big mileage.  We were also pleased to see the decrease in eating out.  Those expenses can really add up!

Biggest Expenses
One of our largest expense was gas for the car.  But even when we add up diesel and gas, together we are under budget.  Campgrounds were a little high - we had 31 one days in the month at $20 so we were a little over.  In the 'Misc' category we bought gifts for Christmas and some sandals which amounted to about $150.
Large One-Time Cost Items
Gifts in the 'Misc' category was the biggest.

Monthly Average
After three months in our new 'Fiscal Year' - I am pleased with the results that show us to less that $65 over budget.
And we have traveled from Texas to Wisconsin to California in those three months.  But the next three we intend to be in California and Arizona so we expect a lot less spending on diesel fuel.

That's brief recap of the finances for August ~ Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Travis is a great location and well run park. I enjoyed my stay there and will return someday. The regulars told me to leave by the 1st week of Dec as the weather gets gloomy, but then we just enjoyed San Diego until late Feb and that was great. Of course that was years ago when we met you at Camp Pendleton. Happy to see you are still enjoying the full time life.

    1. Thanks Tom! Yes we are still enjoying it. We'll be in the San Diego area agin in late Nov but will forego Pendleton tis time b/c of they raised the fees!

  2. Sounds like the budget is falling into line very nicely.
    Our budget is very similar to your budget with the exception of the health/dental care. You have a HUGE advantage in that category.
    Our cost per month for health/dental is in the neighborhood of $900 after
    credits from my pension.