Sunday, May 5, 2013

Roadrunner Financials - April 2013

Roadrunner Recap
April was a month that began in Georgia for us and ended with our time in Virginia Beach, VA.  Along the way, we spent time in St. Simon's Island and Jekyll Island before going to Augusta, GA and The Master's Golf Tournament.  From their we drove up to Virginia Beach where we finished out the month.

Overall, it was a month where our budget basically flew out the window while we enjoyed the Master's, ate out a lot seeing family and friends and got some new tires for the car.

During the month of April we stayed in the following campgrounds:
  • Kings Bay, GA (Eagle's Nest Military Campground)
  • Petersburg COE Park, Evans GA
  • RVacation Campground, Selma, NC
  • Little Creek MWR (Morale, Welfare, Recreation) Military Park, Norfolk, VA

Good News Areas We Are Under Budget
It was a tough month on the budget - the only areas we were under budget were:

  • Campgrounds stays (almost $150.00)Groceries (Woot - almost $25.00!)
  • 1 Time Costs - (This is a place holder based on what I did last year so that was $200 under)

Biggest Expenses
Our biggest expenses over budget were:

  • Car insurance - 6 month premium was due this month.  I could prorate it, but choose to note it when we pay it and have $0 the other 10 months. 
  • Diesel fuel ( -$119.88) - (it is only going to get worse I think as we travel more during the summer)
  • RV & Car Maintenance - bought new Michelin tires for the Honda.  We could have found cheaper ones but we like Michelin's and you pay for the best….
  • Computer accessories - camera tripods, 2 x 32GB cards and an HDMI adapter to hook up the TV to my laptop
  • Eating Out - one of our biggest over budget expenses at $356 over…
  • Misc (Entertainment/Clothes/Gifts) - $401 over largely because of the gift shop at the Master's Golf Tournament.  I admit it - I went a little nuts there. 

Large One Time Cost Items
Our tires cost us a whooping $766 so this is biggest single expense for us this month.

Monthly Average
At $1650 over budget I realize it is a lot.  However, we spent a lot of time with family and friends, got to see the Master's golf tournament in person and we had to get our tires replaced.  So I take the long (Year to Date) view:
Even though April was a big month, our monthly average for the last 11 months has us $603 under budget.

There you have it for our financials last month - hope some of you find it useful and/or interesting.  Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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  1. Thanks for posting it, I do find it interesting when people post their expenses. Any way to make the picture a little bigger though?

    1. Take a look now -- I hope you can read it. You should also be able to click on the item and see it more clearly? Thanks for the input!