Monday, April 1, 2013

Jekyll Island - Driftwood Beach

We went to see Jekyll Island and took a drive around the perimeter before we stopped at Driftwood Beach for lunch.  What an interesting place.  Of all the beaches we have been to, we've never seen driftwood like this.
After a quiet picnic we walked over the foot bridge to the beach.
It wasn't a real big beach but it had lots of twisted, contorted trees and wood.
 It was a little coolish so we wore our coats.

 Fishing pier not far from the parking lot.
It is really worth the stop to see this.
After the Driftwood Beach, we drove through the Jekyll Island Campground.
 It has a canopy of trees through out the campground and is very convenient to everything on the island.

There is lots to see and do here.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Feel free to leave a comment - we always love those!  Until next time...


  1. Great pictures of Jekyll. My wife and I go every year in April or May and stay in the campground. Spend lots of time on Driftwood Beach walking and lounging. Usually ride my bike from the pier down along the blacktop trail which cuts thru the swamp to Driftwood then I let the dog run free while we ride back up Driftwood Beach to the pier. Not many places to do this anymore because Florida won't allow dogs on State beaches. Enjoy your blog keep it up.Garrett

  2. Love your pictures of Driftwood Beach! The campground looks pretty nice. I was surprised that it was so reasonably priced considering the location. It's on our list of future stops. Thanks!

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