Friday, November 16, 2012

Bowling Green, FL Habitat Build

We're in Bowling Green, FL -- site of another first-ever Habitat for Humanity (HFH) Care-A-Vanner (CAV) build.  We are here with two other couples to spend time building a house.  The Bowling Green Habitat for Humanity affiliate put in full hookups with water, sewer and 30 amp electricity.  It is great!
Right up front, I want to show you some of the folks who are responsible for this -  The Hardee County HFH Board of Directors.  We met them last night at their board meeting.
These folks are 100% volunteers and the affiliate has no paid positions on their staff.  

Pretty impressive to be building homes because of people who work really hard after hours, on holidays and on weekends to make it happen!  There web site is at:  Hardee County Habitat for Humanity.  It was great to meet the board and attend their meeting.

We have had most interaction with Kathleen, the Volunteer Coordinator (third from right, below) and (far left at top picture).  Our CAV leaders Mary Kay and Ray pictured second from left and second from right on bottom picture) will be here five months and see the house finished.

The CAV team RVs are parked next to the Habitat office (the white house behind the RVs) and it is very convenient.  It even has a washer and dryer here.  And the house we are building is about 100 feet out our front door.

It is fun seeing this house take shape.  We arrived before the foundation was even poured.
 Ray and Ralph keeping a watchful eye

 The concrete workers doing their thing
 After the foundation and driveway got poured, we focused on the shed that Ray and Mary Kay, Ralph and Darlene had started.
 After the concrete dried for a couple of days, the framers showed up (like 6:15 AM!) and went at it.
 They are a bunch of hardworking guys.  And fast!
The walls were up and secured at the end of the first day along with some of the rafters.
 At the end of the second day on site, they finished with the rafters and sheeting.
 While we worked on odd jobs and the shed.
Mary Kay and Darlene are using a nailer to put up hurricane straps.

Another Habitat house is going up and we are glad to be here!

That is all for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles ~ thanks for joining us!  Hope you all have a terrific Thanksgiving and a safe, enjoyable holiday!