Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wet Bay in Red Bay

We went to Red Bay, AL (Allegro/Tiffin RV Service Center) to get some odds and ends done and to get our wet bay replaced.   This has been a major problem for Tiffin Motor Homes over the last couple of years.  I don't know if there is an accurate count of how many motorhomes have this issue but it is hundreds.  The floor under the water and waste tanks is rotting out and it has to be replaced.

The bad news is that they need to be fixed.  The good news is that Bob Tiffin is standing behind his work and fixing them at no cost to his customers.  The fix is at least 5 hour job for two people.

Since customers with scheduled appointments go ahead of those in the Express Bay (us) Tiffin paid to have us go across the street to McKinney RV and get the job done on a Saturday.  I think we had complained enough that we were moving down, not up on the list, so they finally found a way to get us in.  We were glad to do it since we had been waiting 10 days.  
I was a little concerned since McKinney doesn't regularly do these kind of jobs.  But they have done a few in the past few weeks.  My hesitations were quickly dispelled.  These guys were good.  And Mr. McKinney was there to make sure it was done quickly and well.
Gary, Jim and Eugene started unhooking wires, plastic pipes and hoses from both sides of the bay.  Then they jack up the metal frame that holds the gray and black tanks.  Once everything is freed up, they slide out the clear tank.
They cleaned up the tank on the outside, then had to remove all the rotted plywood.
Then they put in a new floor and replaced the cleaned up clear tank.
Once that was done, they reconnected all the pipes, wires and hoses.  
Then they checked it all out and caulked everything.  

We were very satisfied with their work and recommend McKinney.  Total cost to us:  $0.  And our Saturday.  But we were glad to get that behind us.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  And thanks for those that leave comments!  We appreciate them!


  1. nice that it is all fixed and as good or better than new! onwards to the next adventure!!

  2. Wow, what a big job. Glad it's done and you won't have to worry about it anymore.

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  4. Wow. Good thing you included that one last "done" picture, since that whole operation looked kind of scary. Well, maybe "gut wrenching" is a closer description?
    It's not the best way to spend a Saturday, that's for sure, but at least it's resolved. Hopefully the support they put in will do a better job than the plywood.

  5. Wow. .what a bangup job they did for you! Can you post them on RVservice reviews? A place like that deserves good kudos for a job well done!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. It's nice to know that Tiffin was willing to spend their money to have somebody else do the work. Standing by a product isn't something many companies do very well anymore.

    10 days is a bit long to wait but it's good to know they stepped up.

    Safe travels!


  7. That's quite a job. It's nice to hear about a good dealer after reading some horror stories lately. Glad it's all fixed and looking good.

  8. Holy Waterlog, Batman...that looked like a HUGE project. Great that they finally got you dried up and on your way, new floor, caulk and fittings...I love it when a plan comes together...Now, if only Judy (Travels With Emma) could catch a break, eh??

  9. What an ordeal! That was quite a process!
    I agree with Dennis and Donna that we wish Judy could get her work done this quickly. K

  10. Glad to hear your were satisfied with McKinney doing the job. I'm sure you were a bit nervous going across the street. Kudos to them for a good job!

  11. We have joined the "Tiffin rotted wood club". We are parked on our RV lot luckily - Roger has been able to put some bracing underneath ours and has purchased more to install. After seeing your photos and how much work is involved, guess we will have to head to Red Bay. I'm wondering what type of floor they use to replace the rotted wood.