Thursday, July 21, 2011

Roadrunner Research: What's on your iPhone?

I've had my iPhone for almost a year now and have to say that I still love it!  I love the assortment of apps I have on it ~ especially the last one I added:
As we were going to the Pacific coast and traveling through the mountains to get there, I remembered my dad who was always interested in the altitude.  Growing up, we took a lot of trips and a couple of cross country trips and he always wanted to know the altitude.  I did some looking around the AppStore and found this one.  It checks out pretty close to the elevation postings we pass on the highway.

Another one that I use probably more than any other is the map app that comes with the phone:
I do not have a true GPS and find this to be more than satisfactory.  We use this all the time.

Another one I like it this:
Believe it or not, I use this when a flashlight is not in a handy place.  The first time I used it was on a Habitat project to help a fellow worker find some markings on an electrical outlet in dark bathroom that was under construction.

I like to know how my iPhone battery is doing and this app gives me a %.
It is easier to see than the little icon in the top corner of my screen.

Gas prices are of interest since we have been doing so much traveling the last few months.
This app also shows diesel fuel prices and it is pretty handy.

Another fun one is the iHandy level.  I have whipped this out a few times just for grins while I am on top of a roof (like in Santa Fe during our last Habitat build.)
It also has a plumb app.

Another great app is this one from our bank:

I still find it a little unbelievable, but I can take a picture of a check and deposit it into my bank account with my iPhone.  It still boggles my mind…

So how about you?  What apps do you use on your iPhone? or Droid?  or smartphone?

That is it the latest from this edition of Roadrunner Chronicles!  Thanks for joining us today!


  1. great aps!..I downloaded most of them..found a different flashlight one too..thanks for the ideas!!!
    I love my I-phone too!!

  2. Dennis has a Droid phone..He thinks he is a weatherman and likes to check the radad...I have 2 soup cans and a string....

    Thank you.
    Had my iphone since February and have some great Apps, will check out what you are suggesting.
    One that I highly recommend is:
    The skies, and wow, you must see it.
    Really enjoy your blog, and will definitely be back.

  4. I've had an iPhone4 for a few months now and love it. It looks like we both use many of the same apps - Level, Maps, Flashlight, Battery Charger etc.

    One I find real handy for RVing is called RV Check. I load all of my RV Checklists on it and then just check off the boxes as I complete each task of a checklist. Once I'm finished, I can simply 'clear' all the checks so it's ready for use the next time I need it.

    Great post idea!

  5. Great Apps, Randy! I'm gonna download the GasBuddy and the Level for my Iphone.

    I've been using the heck out of a few Apps since we started our new life-journey:

    1) AllStays Camp&RV. The guy does a great job putting in RV sites, Walmarts, Gas, Rest stops, low clearance sites, etc. He keeps updating, making the app more user-friendly.

    2) Yelp! To find restaurants, etc with real-peoples' ratings

    3) AllTrails. For running, biking, hiking trails around country.

    4) Google Earth. Because it's been really helpful at times to zoom in on a potential campground...and discover it's next to a coal burning factory, or near a dump, etc.

    I love reading others recommendations above too!


  6. A lot of people find this hard to believe in this day and age but our cell phone is for Canada only and is RARELY, and I mean rarely ever used. When we are in the US it is always turned off as the roaming charges are out of this world. Actually in Canada it is also turned off, but if we need to make a local call then we will use it. It is a very basic phone. Some of those aps sound great though.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Just an FYI, there are a few GPS apps foe iPhone, so you can get 100% GPS functionality with just an app. They tend to be a bit pricey, in the 50.00 range, but it beats buying another device to add to the collection. You also get simple software updates for the app as well, which can be a bit of a pain with a traditional GPS unit.

  8. I sure am behind the curve on this one. My phone makes and receives phone calls...does that count for anything lol?

  9. Have all the apps you mentioned. Also have 5-0 Radio (Scanner), TV Guide (helps finding local channels while traveling), Dog Parks, National Parks list,, Grocery IQ, AroundMe, Kindle, my AT&T, Passport America, Roadside America, Walgreens, Walmart, Pandora Radio, Yelp, and a few games. Since I have an old iPhone, I am anxiously awaiting the new iPhone 5 because I'm ready to upgrade.

  10. Our top apps on the iphone are:

    1) Truckster - Gives us instant info on truck stops, fuel prices, rest stops and Walmarts, plus some other local stuff. Use it all the time.

    2) - The iphone app makes geocaching paperless!

    3) White Noise - Who needs a sleep machine in a noisy campground when your phone can make the white noise of your choice to drown it all out.

    And, OK people, let's be honest here. What other app do I use most on my iphone?

    Angry Birds!!!!!