Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Roadrunner Financials - June 2011

Roadrunner Recap
During the month of June, we spent a good deal of time on the road.  We left our site at Rodeo de Santa Fe after our Habitat for Humanity gig there and were in Spokane WA at the end of the month for a Warner Brother's Reunion with my three brothers and wives.  We also go to see Yellowstone National Park so it was a great month!  Here's our route:
  • Rodeo de Santa Fe, Santa Fe NM
  • Dead Horse State Park, near Moab UT
  • Hill AFB FamCamp, Salt Lake City UT
  • Henry's Lake State Park, near West Yellowstone ID
  • Jim and Mary's RV Park, Missoula MT
  • Fairchild AFB FamCamp, Spokane WA

Here's an interactive map that shows where we traveled.  You can click on the letters and it will tell you the location.

Good News Areas We Are Under Budget
The biggest gains we had during the month on our target numbers was on RV Maintenance and Campgrounds.  We had to replace wiper blades and fuel filters which accounted for the maintenance costs.

Biggest Expenses
 The biggest areas of concern for the month were in TV/Internet and Diesel Fuel.

Large One Time Cost Item
The largest area of overrun was in diesel fuel where we were spent over $700 more than be budgeted.

Monthly Average
Not much to really say about this except that in the first month here of the fiscal year for the Roadrunner (we started full-timing in June 2009) so we only have one month to average.  Off to a $473 overrun is not great...

That's what our spending looked like for the month.  Thanks for taking a peek.  Hopefully they provide help or entertainment of some sort...  If you'd like a free copy of the spreadsheet I use, drop me a note and I will be glad to send it along.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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