Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Day at the Arches NP, Utah

I have wanted to visit the Arches National Park for quite a few years.  A couple of years ago Howard and Linda Payne were camphosts here and I followed their blog and took it all in.

We got a late start and ended up at the Arches National Park about lunch time.  After a picnic at a table behind the Visitors Center, we went in and checked out the 15 minute movie of the park.
The park gets over 1 million visitors a year and is well on their way to hitting that mark again.

We started drive into the park and stopped at a number of observation points for pictures.
This group of pointed rocks is known as the Three Gossips.
This one is called the Organ.
We were just getting started and I was taking a lot of pictures.  I stopped every 5 minutes.  The landscape and rocks and vistas were just amazing.
This is Skyline Arch.
Then I was taking so many pictures I didn't keep track of which formations where which... have you ever done that?
We made our way into the Park toward the Wolf Ranch and then on to the Delicate Arch.  John Wesley Wolf settled on 100 acres near the river near the end of the 1800s.  It is one of the few green areas in the miles and miles of dry, harsh canyons.
He eeked out a living for over 20 years at this desolate location.  After taking a look at the cabin and building we continued on the trail for our hike to the Delicate Arch.  It was a bit of a challenge although it was only a 3 mile hike.
We zig zagged down the mountain, then up the face of the side of the mountain on long rock incline.  At the crest we stopped and took a rest.  Pam suggested we make an 'arch' in memory of Meghan like the one that was made for her at her cottage ~ 
After we crested the top of the mountain and headed toward the back side, the landscape changed dramatically.  There were trees and shrubs and even sand in places.  Then we came upon another arch and could see our destination in the distance.  
The trail was a little close to the edge, but they sloped it so it slanted toward the mountain.
We rounded the corner and there it was in all its glory.  The informal symbol of the state of Utah...
We couldn't resist and had our picture taken. You can see a little guy in the distance off my right shoulder.  The Arch is huge...
I took a hundred other pictures and will load them on Facebook.  
The Arches National Park was a breathtaking, astounding day of beauty like I had never seen before. It went on and on and on.  It was almost too much to absorb.  I am so glad we got to see some of the Arches.  You could spend a month at the Arches and just scratch the surface.  We will have to visit again.

It was a great day.  Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Next...our day at Canyonlands National Park. Until next time...


  1. Hey Randy & Pam! We are glad you had such a wonderful time at Arches. Now you can why we decided to camphost two years in a row. By the way, they need a camphost for the month of July if you know of anyone let us know!

  2. We absolutely loved our time is beautiful country...enjoy! For us it is always a more peacefulness about the west that we look forward to each and every visit.

  3. the 'arches' are breathaking!..I can see why you took so many pictures!!!

  4. Arches is truly one of America's most spectacular national parks!

  5. What a fantastic day! Wish we were there. Great pictures, especially of the small Memory Arch. Thank you for sharing that.

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience! In our 2 year jaunt around the country as temporary full-timers, we missed seeing Utah and plan to return at some point in the future. How were the temperatures for your hikes? We'd love to know your thoughts on the best time of year to visit the park! Happy Trails, Linda

  7. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos. This is one place we want to visit in the next year or two.

    You are really brave to hike that trail! I'm not sure we are up to that so glad we at least got to see your pictures!!

  8. Enjoyed the blog. You have whetted our appetite to visit this area in the future. Nice photos too. The tribute to Meghan is touching....and fitting.

  9. Have been to the Arches a couple times & just loved it there. It truly is a great place. It was just about a year ago you passed through Bayfield Ontario:))

  10. This was one of my favourite hikes even though I had to carry my 3 year old most of the way. It was soooo windy for us. Lucky you to be there and be able to get that view from the opening with the Arches in the distance. Being there is so amazing! Great pictures of the park. It's been one of my favourites on our trip so far.

  11. Excellent photos! This is still on our list; I can hardly wait for the day we see it in person. Thank you for sharing your experience. (I'll be checking FB)

  12. One of my all time favorite parks and so many of the bloggers I'm following are visiting ... wish I didn't have to wait a few years to return there.

  13. Love the way you get so many terrific photos grouped and on a posting!