Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Morning

Over the weekend, it doesn't seem like we did a whole lot.  The weather system from the South East has been making its way up the coast so it has been cloudy and a little cooler.
In fact it has gotten pretty cold here in Virginia Beach and has over taxed one of our air conditioning/heating units.  It quit working in the front of the coach.  The propane heater, the ceramic heater and the heater in the rear of the coach are all working fine though, so we are toasty and comfy.

But we may be checking out a local RV service center to figure out what to do about the front unit.

On Saturday I went to the beach for a few minutes but the clouds rolled in and I didn't stay very long.

It was a great day to stay at home and do a lot of reading.  In addition to working my way through the Kent Chronicles (currently reading The Seekers) by John Jakes, I read some friends' blogs:

Rod and Loyce are enjoying their new mattress in Mesa Arizona.  John and Bridget are dealing with the cold weather in Brandon MS.  Jim and Linda have their presents wrapped in Debary, FL.  Jim and Dee are in Wauchula, FL and getting ready to visit Lazy Days to take care of a warranty item on their refrigerator.  Sam and Donna are in Dardenne, MO and thinking about Pennsylvania.  Mike and Pat are rejoicing their place at Retama Village in Mission Valley, TX just sold!

We went to church at CrossCurrent again and enjoyed the teaching and fellowship.  It is a great bunch and we will miss them when we head out in a couple of weeks.  Afterwards, we went to eat at Azar's, a Greek Restaurant and enjoyed some soup and chicken wrap sandwiches.

Then after a quick stop at Sam's Club, we returned to the coach, filled up our water tank and buttoned it up for the night.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Hope you have a great, warm, week!


  1. that is a nasty looking weather map!!...the midwest seems to be getting pummelled with bad weather!!!

  2. Sounds like a nice way to spend a Sunday on a cold day. Glad you are staying warm in spite of the heater troubles. With what is coming down the pike hopefully you can get the main heater checked out soon!

  3. It sure is hard to do anything outside with this weather. In this part of FL, the forecast low tonight is 24 and the winds are just howling.

    Hope it is nothing major with the heat pump.

  4. That beach picture looks terrific! Too bad it's so cold right now but at least you know you're not alone. Looks like us guys out here on the west coast are the only ones who are escaping the freezing temps right now.

    Hope you heater fix is simple and not expensive - maybe a fuse or something?


  6. Sure hope your heat pump issue turns out to be a minor one. Isn't it lucky these buses come with 2? :) With the cold night temps we're having here in NC our propane furnace is getting a nice workout too.

  7. Thank you for the link, and I'd advise that you go South as quickly as possible, except they are below freezing clear down in Florida.

    Perhaps it will be best to just wait it out, knowing it can't stay that cold all winter! At least lets hope not. LOL


  8. What a "cool" life you lead...I'll live vicariously through you!! Fun to follow your footsteps. Virginia Beach would be my choice if I was in a cold spell like this one for the rest of the country. I'll stay glued to where you move next!! Glad you are staying warm!

  9. The picture of the beach looks beautiful, it's a shame it isn't warmer there.

    Our nights and mornings are cold here too. Tends to go down to near the freezing mark and have even woken up to a thin layer of frost on the ground. Warms up quite a bit during the day though.

    Hope the weather warms up for you.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. we spent a Dec week in va beach some years back and it was in the 70's.
    it may be awhile before it gets warmer so bundle up!