Friday, December 31, 2010

Heading South!

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It was a beautiful day on Wednesday when we departed the Sea Mist RV Campground in Virginia Beach.  We were excited to get underway again after a wonderful stay there.

We were in no hurry and wanted to let it warm up and also wanted to let the morning traffic die down some.  We completed (slowly) our checklist items and pulled the coach out to hook up the car.  Everything was in order so off we went.
We headed west on US 58 to Emporia to catch I-95 going south.  The roads looked good and we saw no signs of black ice.  Some places were wide open with plenty of lanes.   And sometimes the traffic was light.  

I love driving this bus.  It is a smooth and comfortable ride and a pure joy.
 I guess we drove about 2 1/2 or 3 hours before we decided to take a rest stop.  I needed to stretch and walk.
 The rest stop area looked like an RV parking lot!  I counted 14 RVs and maybe 5 or 6 tractor trailers.  I talked with a guy from Buffalo for a few minutes.  I couldn't believe it ~ everyone had the same idea, "after the snow starts melting, we are heading south!"
We saw lots of cars and RVs from Ontario, Quebec, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Florida.  Pam's theory was that a lot of people have become residents of Florida and go back East for the holidays to see their old friends and family and then return.  We saw lots of Florida plates.

We were a little less than half full but decided to stop and get some fuel.  $281.47 later, we were on our way.
We stopped at a place called 'South of the Border'.  It had no sites that would accommodate a 40' rig.  But it did have propane and since we were about empty we filled it up ($74.33).  Besides, it was a little cheesy so we were fine with finding another place.

Down the road about 30 miles, we found Florence RV park.  In 2010 it changed from being a KOA campground.  Our 2009 Woodall's had it listed as a KOA so I looked in vain for KOA signs and turned right when I should have turned pulled into an abandoned gas station and did a 'U turn'.

We called them, got on the right path and found the campground.
 It was a great spot with full hookups, it was level and had a nice view of the lake...
 This was a few minutes after 5:00 pm
We were the first ones out of the park and were underway by 8:45 am.  It was a gorgeous day and we had only one slow down.  In two days we went about 550 miles and were surprised at how busy I-95 was.  LOTS of people were going south and it was mostly busy.  A bigger surprise was how many RV's we saw going north..?

After 4 1/2 hours we arrived at King's Bay Naval Submarine Base, Georgia ~ about 1:00 pm.  It is a 2009 Military Campground of the Year award winner and we can see why.  It is well run, organized and there is plenty of space between the sites.

We were greeted by neighbors on the right and the left and thought, "this may be the friendliest place we have ever been.."  We took our time setting up but enjoying the nice weather.  Like 64 degree weather!
 The lake is about 100 yards off our left side.  It has a few animals in the woods behind us and in the lake...
Part of our exploration of the base included a stop at the car wash.  Our Honda needed it.
After we washed the car, we vacuumed it and filled it with gas, then returned to our campsite.  Pam wanted to get a couple of loads of wash done.  She is on a campaign to wash everything that needs to be washed ~ and then some.  I can see why.  To her delight, she found the laundry has big front loader washers and dryers and the price is: free.  Yup!  Another reason why we like this place.

We cooked chicken and cut up some potatoes on the grill and watched some football before he went to bed.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Be safe and have a great New Year's Day!