Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pete's and Projects

On Wednesday we went to downtown Knoxville and met niece Michelle and her friend Melinda for lunch at Pete's.  They work nearby at the Tennessee Valley Authority Employee Credit Union.
The food was good and we had time to walk by the Farmer's Market afterwards.
After that, we had a chance to meet a few people at the Credit Union.
Then Pam and went back to Joan's house and got to working on a few projects.  Pam worked on the shelving in the closet and it came together well.
The tomatoes and canned goods were happy in their new home.
I painted the kitchen ceiling and
when Mike got home he worked on repairing the rust issue on Adam's Pathfinder.  After he pulled off the wheel, we could see that we will need to get new shocks as well.
A while back our new Blue Ox Patriot braking system went on the fritz.  I had trouble setting it up.  It would give me a message that said, "Initializing..." but never completed the cycle.
I called and Blue Ox shipped a new one which I checked out yesterday.  It worked well and I will send back the old one.  While I was doing that, Pam disassembled an old tread mill that Joan and Mike can use for spare parts.

To finish off the week, last night Mike and I went over to Jeremy's to play Monopoly.
We gave a good fight, but as usual, Jeremy cleaned our clocks...

Hope you have a great weekend.  We are enjoying ours here in East Tennessee.  Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Another very full day! Hope you can find some time to watch a bit of the Ryder Cup Golf - at least, if it's not raining.

  2. LOL........we were in Knoxville at the same time........husband and I live in NC and we went over to knoxville and then went to dollywood for the harvest gospel shows.........we are just now planning on retiring to an RV and actually was sold on the idea of a class A although today we went and looked at some Class A and then the fifth wheelers and think we have decided we want a fifth wheeler instead, like the layouts more for our livestyle.......anyway one baby step to our goal.

  3. Those shelves look great, and very sturdy to hold those jars full of such wonderful stuff.

    Nothing like a great game of Monopoly! Even if you lose. :(

  4. Ooh I love rows and rows of home canned goods! When I was a kid, my mom would say we were *rich* in food each fall after putting up the garden veggies! I am going to miss canning food when we go full time. Will just have to ferret out the farmers markets and buy a few jars at a time.

    Or be like Lucy in The Long Long Trailer and haul along the bounty?

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