Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thoughts on the day before...

It has been a long and winding road to get to this point. And quite satisfying. We have the post in the ground and tomorrow the "FOR SALE" sign goes up.

The kitchen table and chairs are in the garage and waiting to be delivered to their new owner on Saturday. The two bins on one shelf our some office supplies and some books.
The other bins on the other shelf are what used to be on bookshelves and in our roll top desk.

Months ago we tore down old cabinets in the garage and replaced them with the two movable, adjustable shelves you see here.

Here's what we've done in the last couple of days:
  • Called and emailed DeVry University to check on online adjunct professor positions
  • Found a storage unit to put some bins for a few weeks in case we have to move out of the house after closing and do not yet have the RV
  • Updated blog and video note
  • Thinned out another closet and put more clothes in a box for the storage attic above the garage
  • Gave a tour of our home and discussed details with a couple of our neighbor friends
  • Re-cleaned the refrigerator
  • Re-cleaned the stove
  • Planted more flowers and weeded flower beds again
  • Took our dog to his foster-home for a few weeks?months? until the house sells
  • Went to work
  • Cut up carnations and put them throughout the house
  • Updated our spreadsheet to see cash available after house sells, closing costs, taxes, cost of RV, etc
At this point the stress level has tapered off. We think it will pick up again when we start considering offers, head out to South Dakota for a few days to become residents, get the RV and get ready to leave. But it will be fun and exciting sharing more experiences together.

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