Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Big Weekend

Last weekend we had the Open House, went to a Nationals game with Adam and got some contracts on the house.

This weekend was busy too. Kelly and her classmates in the Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) -Interior Design Program (VCU), had a big Thesis Exhibition on Friday evening.It was quite a show. She and her classmates laid out their projects representing hundreds of hours of work. This is Kelly's project. She chose a pumphouse along a canal in Richmond and designed a Conference/Retreat Center. It was quite impressive.Lots of her friends and family attended from Virginia Beach, Annapolis, Fairfax and there in Richmond. Next week she defends her project to the faculty and graduates on May 16.
Sunday morning Pam and I drove back down to Virginia Beach to check out the Allegro Bus. We had seen it three weeks ago and now we were going to pore over it with our detailed checklist. Bill was very helpful in showing us how to operate everything from the in-motion satellite to the flush system on the black tanks.
It is as a very similar floor plan to the Phaeton models we have been interested in, only a 'model up' in the Tiffin line. This is the 2007 40' Allegro Bus, QSP model. We took it for a test drive and it handles sweet! The independent front-wheel suspension makes it the smoothest ride we have had.

Bill has keep this RV immaculate. He is so careful about care and maintenance that it is easy to tell it is a great value. He spent 2 1/2 hours with us and we wrote him a check for a down payment. We close on the house on May 19 and have scheduled May 22 to make the final transaction.

You know how after looking at houses for months and months and you come across one and you know this is the one? Same thing with this: this is it!

Our dream is closer to reality! Stay tuned...


  1. Congratulations...souns like you have found your home on wheels. And, now I know it is sounding like we for sure will get to meet up with you guys in a campground somewhere in the future. We will be watching closly as your plans unfold.

    Also, congratulations to Kelly and good luck with her project and graduation is in site!


  2. Congratulation on the quick sale of your house and finding your new home. Hope when our time comes (2001 at the lattest) we will have a quick sale of our house. I've followed your journal almost since the beginning and have enjoyed reading about your process to sell you house and find you new rig. Hope to meet some time in the future on the road.


  3. Congratulations on the rapid sale of the house and purchase of the RV. You will love being on the road. We're in KS now at a beautiful RV park enjoying the spring flowers. We don't miss the old homestead at all.

    Kathleen & John