Sunday, December 14, 2008

One thing Pam and I have thought about when we RV full-time is volunteering fixing up or building homes.
We have wanted to check out for Habitat for Humanity for quite some time and it was pretty easy. We found a local Habitat for Humanity chapter and went through the information on their web site.
We took the online orientation training, contacted the coordinator and showed up at the work site where they were doing home repairs.
It was about 35 miles from where we live and bitterly cold. So we bundled up, had our coffee, and showed up at 8:00.

Dan was the on site coordinator and we got some instructions at the back of the materials truck and then looked inside they house. We had two crews working: one inside, one outside.
Inside, the ceiling in the kitchen and in the bedrooms need to be closed off after the insulation is put down.
Outside, our task was to finish the soffet on the front and back of the house.
Like most projects, it took a while to figure out a routine and set up a work flow. Gary and Brad were on the scaffold doing most of the nailing work. Meanwhile Pam and I used the table saw and skill saw to cut up 2x4's and vinyl soffet sheets into the right lengths.Once we got rolling it went pretty fast. We finished up by about 1:30 and declared victory. (Had to have a group shot with Gary and Brad). They were a couple of good guys and it was fun to work with them.

There is a lot more to do on the house, so we intend to help out again.

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  1. Habitat is something we are considering once on the road. It is really a worthwhile cause and a great way to stay active. Right now I stay active 8-10 hours a day at work though!