Sunday, December 28, 2008

Changing decisions

We learn and change our minds based on new information. The last 15 months have been full of inquiry, analysis, decisions and sometimes changing our mind again. I think that is normal and to be expected.

But each part of the process has been based on research, thought and a willingness to make a better decision. We avoid the idea: We decided and we are sticking with it no matter what.

For example here are some things we 'decided'...and then changed: (last item in bullet is our current decision)
  • Gas vs Diesel
  • Model: Damon Tuscany - Holiday Rambler Ambassador -Tiffin Phaeton
  • Finance vs Buy
  • RV: Class A - Fifth Wheel - Class A
  • Interior: Front refrigerator - refrigerator in galley
  • Bed: Queen size - King size
  • Washer/dryer: no - maybe
  • New/used RV: yes - no - maybe
  • Retire - Rehire (working on the road)
  • State of Residency: Texas - South Dakota - Texas
Gas vs Diesel: The first model we drove was a Winnebago Adventurer. We love the floor plan and how it handled but think the diesel model makes more sense as a full timer.

Motorhome Model: I really liked a Damon Tuscany floorplan. Then we found the Monaco/Holiday Rambler series and drove an Ambassador a number of times. More research helped us decide on a Tiffin because its reputation and company stability.

Finance vs Buy: We checked into financing an RV and thought about renting our home. We though it best to free ourselves from the burden of making a mortgage payment.

Class A vs Fifth Wheel: We didn't know much about Fifth Wheels. They are more 'homey' (comfortable) and less costly so we looked into those for three-four months. We liked the Carri-Lite Carriage model with a F-350 truck. However, the older we get (or if I hit health issues down the line), it would be more easy for us in a motorhome.

Interior: We like the more current up-front refrigerator models. Also I did not like the TV in the front window. They were big and bulky hung out. But they are much small now and don't protrude as much. Pam is fine with the refrigerator in the galley.

Bed: Most of the models we saw were queen size beds. We even got rid of our current king size bed in order to get used to it again. But now the king size option is very common, so we we can do either.

Washer/dryer: They seem so small we could wash at the campground or a laundromat. They also take up valuable space. The combo washer/dryer does not seem to be too effective. But if we find a deal with a stackable washer dryer, that may be ok.

New vs used: When we first saw the MSRP of the RV we thought they were out of reach. We automatically decided on getting a used RV. We went to 31 dealerships and decided on a Tiffin. We also obtained four good price quotes. We know we can afford a new one but are now sifting through some possibilities for a model two or three years old.

Retire vs Rehire: Hanging out on an extended vacation seems ok for a while but seems kind of empty after that. We prefer engaging with people and trying to make a difference. We will always be working, but probably at ones that pay far less. We are also looking into volunteering / building / home repair opportunities which we enjoy.

State of Residency: We like Texas and were comfortable with that choice. Then we decided on South Dakota because the taxes are lower and very favorable to RVers. If we buy new, we'll probably go for South Dakota.

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  1. glad to hear you are still moving forward with decision to RV full time. it is a great life and one that allows for work, relaxing, ministry, travel, doing what you always wanted to do and so on. after serving a church full time for all my adult life i find making my way, "on my own" to be fulfilling. we are not rich and need some monthly income to make it work, i have been able to do "consulting" work that provides the additional income needed to keep us from having to get a real job. we were fortunate to sell our home before the drop but have tried to keep most of those dollars invested (bought a rental house recently in order to have a home base). it will be interesting to see how it all comes together for you. we are in year 3 and while we are not travelling as much as we did early on in the journey we are still finding our way "out there". i am enjoying finding work in different ways and ways that don't require "going to work". you will too.

    have a great 2009 and may you know the blessing of our Father in ways that surprise you.