Monday, October 22, 2018

Grandkids and a New Deck

We're enjoying our time in Virginia Beach.  We've been spending a lot of time at Kelly and Jon's and with grandsons Brooks and Harrison.  These two little guys are something else!
We are content to spend time with them and just hang out.  We are glad to spell Kelly at times during the day so she can run some errands by herself.  We've also been able to babysit so she and Jon can enjoy a date night now and then and let them have some time off.
Meanwhile, we can always find things to do with they boys.  We've spend as much time as we can outside.  One favorite is picking up pine cones.  We got some of those $1 "pickers" (plastic 3' poles with a hand squeeze) and then can spend lots of time with the kids wandering around the front and back yards picking up pine cones at Goldmanor.
We also manage to help them ride their little cars or bikes or swing in the front yard.  Sometimes, its just too much and we just tucker them out...
It's usually the reverse though, we often wear out long before they do.  Their front yard has a long wall that is just high enough for them to walk on which is another source of wonder for them.
Kelly and Jon have been chipping away at a couple of projects and its fun to see them come together.  It only took two days to get the deck done in the back yard.  First, Jon removed the large azaleas and relocated them in other places around the yard.
Then the professionals came in the next day and did their magic.  The new deck off the sun room is at the back of the house.
 They had the posts in the ground, the cross beams leveled and deck joists in place before lunch time.
It is fun to watch professionals at work in their sweet spot. They did a great job and it all seemed so effortless.
We continue to enjoy our time here with the kids and grand kids and seeing some projects getting done.  Its been a warm late summer but in the last couple of days has turned cooler.

Kelly and Jon have introduced the boys to smors.  It has been a closely supervised but a big after-dinner treat.
That's all for now on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Thanks for joining us.  Hope your week is a great one!


  1. Those grands are just adorable and growing fast!!! I know you all enjoy every minute with them!!

  2. Always great to spend time with the grands:) I also like watching someone else to do the work, especially when they know what they are doing!

  3. How great to be with family for a while! I love their home...and their fireplace reminds me of the old fashioned ones where they hung their stew pot over the open fire...enjoy!