Sunday, July 1, 2018

Heading South to Gaffney

We left Virginia Beach after a great 10 week stay.  We were sad to leave behind the grandkids but we will be back in the area for the 4th of July.  This is a quick trip to Gaffney SC for some regular and new maintenance items at the Freightliner Truck Service and Training Center.
They work on RVs of all types with Freightliner chassis.  We have been here a couple of times before so we have confidence in their work.

We were up fairly early and got loaded up and hooked the tow vehicle up and got underway shortly before 7:00 AM.  We like getting up and at it early and we had a pretty long (350 mile) day ahead of us.  Traffic was a little on the busy side which was not surprising.  I think a lot of folks were getting to their 4th of July destinations.

The drive was pretty smooth and the weather was hot but it was a very pretty summer day.  We traveled West Southwest from Virginia Beach on Highway 158 over to Interstate 85 and headed south on i-85/I-40.

After about 30 minutes we turned on the front cockpit dash air conditioning.  We quickly found it was not working and just blowing regular air.  That was OK for a while but as the day got hotter, so did we.  Next we fired up the generator and put on the front a/c.  That worked pretty well until Pam noticed the generator stopped.  We turned that off and I searched the internet for "Service Fault Code 36".  I got conflicting information as to whether or not it was fuel pump problem but it seems related to lack of to the system.  I think the Roadrunner knows we are headed in for maintenance first thing Monday morning.  We're hoping Freightliner has an ace mechanic/tech from Onan on the payroll.

I drove for about 3 hours covering about 55 miles per hour before we stopped for a driver change.  Pam took over and drove a couple more hours when we stopped at the North Carolina State Line Visitor Center and made some turkey sandwiches for lunch.

The next couple of hours to our campground were a little uncomfortable though we had fans running. The temp gauge was 94 degrees outside and 85+ inside.  Not horrible conditions but cause for concern and hoping to get it fixed quickly.

We skirted Charlotte NC on the north side of town and then picked up the highway over Lake Norman and into our campground at Cross Country Campgrounds.  We were looking for a decent, level campground with good internet and open skies for our DirecTV,

We got 2 out of 3 which wasn't too bad.  We had easy access into a level asphalt site with open skies. Our DirecTV worked great.  Wifi was pretty typical and not very good.  Our Verizon Jetpack and the campground wifi both were weak.  I think the campground is in a bit of a valley.

Instead of spending a lot of time on the computer, we ran out to a new Publix grocery store that we passed coming into town.  We picked up some key lime pie (they have excellent key lime pie!) and a couple of other items.  Returning to the campground, we chilled out for a while before drive the car over to D and Jackie's place.  They recently relocated from Virginia Beach and that is why we picked this location for our overnight stop.

We had dinner and another great time with them.  They showed us around their place and got caught up.  We were on the back porch for a while but the mosquitos were there too.  It started raining hard for a little while so we moved inside for the rest of the evening.   Our visit was too short but we loved every minute of it.  They are such nice people.

Returning back to the campground, we read and watched a little TV before turning in.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. On your model year Bus I believe Tiffin installed an inline fuel filter separate from the generator. Has it ever been changed. If not, that's where I'm putting my money for the problem.

    1. Great idea! I will have Cummins check that. Thanks for the input!

  2. Hope you get all your issues fixed. This is not the time of year to not have A/C.

  3. Glad you had a safe trip although hot!! Hoping freightliner can fix the issue with A/C!! Fingers crossed!!

  4. Looking forward to reading about the fix. The heat and humidity back there really do make it important to have all the air conditioning systems working. Good luck.

  5. There is a Cummins Onan shop in Columbia, SC about a two hour drive from Gaffney. They are a RV Oasis dealer that we've used with great results. Just in case.

    Also, I've had good luck with those DIY a/c recharge kits

  6. Oops, on my Journey. Available at Walmart and other stores. Easy to use. I recharged my system with one two years ago and it still blows cold air. I think there is some sealant in with the freon. Those a/c hoses are long on RVs with plenty of places to weep a tiny bit over the years.