Friday, January 12, 2018

Crossing Paths With the Roadrunner

How does one do that?  Why would one want to do that?  We all have our ways and our reasons...

For a family, friends and acquaintances, I have listed one of my infrequent "Roadrunner Travel Schedule Updates".  Here's where we think we may be during the next few months.  If you are nearby or plan to be near us, it would be fun to catch up with you and say "Hi!":

Here our schedule as we know it:


  • Jan 11 - 14: Agave Gulch FamCamp, Davis - Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ
  • Jan 15 - 17: Catalina State Park, Oro Valley north of Tucson
  • Jan 18 - 22: Outside Our Bubble group, Plomosa Rd, BLM spaces north of Quartzsite, AZ
  • Jan 23 - 27: Yucaipa Regional CG, Redlands, CA
  • Jan 28 - 31:  TBD
  • Feb 1 - 12: Catalina State Park, Oro Valley north of Tucson
  • Feb 13 - 28:  TBD
  • Mar 1-31:  Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort, Casa Grande, AZ

  • Apr 1 - 2:  TBD
  • Apr 3-17: - Kirtland AFB FamCamp, Albuquerque, NM
  • Apr 18: - Sayre City Campground, Sayre OK
  • Apr 19 - Oklahoma City OK
  • Apr -  Downtown RV Park, Red Bay, AL
  • Apr -  Roadrunner RV Resort and Campground (Private), Maynardville, TN
  • May 1-31: Ocean Pines CG, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Jun 1-30: Ocean Pines CG, Virginia Beach, VA
  • PA, NY and the Northeast?

Thanks for stopping by today for the latest update on our Roadrunner Travels!


  1. Have followed your blog for years. We were full-timers for 16 years but sold our rig about 18 months ago and now live at Palm Creek. We look forward to Crossing Paths With the Roadrunner in March.
    Tom and Mary

    1. Thank you! We'd love to see and meet you. 16 years! wow! Lets get together at PC!

  2. Hi Randy!

    Thanks for visiting Tucson. Glad you guys enjoy it here.

    P.S. Do you think your grandkids will like their toys?