Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Rock the Block!

Pam and I are on a Habitat for Humanity Care-A-Vanner (CAV) Build with 8 other RVers.  We have four rigs and are camped at the Ingham County Fairgrounds in Mason, MI which is about 11 miles from our main location for the build.
The CAVs are RVers who show up to a scheduled Habitat Build and participate along with the local volunteers.  The plan for this week is to help neighborhood families with projects around their home as well as working a few days on a new build.
Habitat for Humanity has had a number of neighborhood revitalization projects in addition to building new homes.  The revitalization effort here in east Lansing (Williamston MI actually) is called Rock the Block!
HFH here has engaged with 7 different homeowners to do some painting, mowing, porch and deck repair and a couple of other items.  We are working alongside a couple of different volunteer groups each day to get the projects done and we also have some folks that are working on a new house that is going up on the west side of town.
We broke up into our assigned groups and had a great day of productive work and a lot of fun.

We are off to a great start.  The event is very well organized and everyone on team is enjoying it.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Thank you for capturing the essence of your experience with Habitat. The Habitat Capital Region team is very grateful for your support and friendship. May God's hand protect you as you travel further to help more 'neighbors' on your journey.

  2. What an amazing group of people you all are!!!!

  3. Great post Randy about a very worthwhile cause. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you and Pam for making a difference in this world!!!