Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Roadrunner Reflections: The RV Lifestyle - 10 Things You Can Do for Your Wife

It has been a wonderful journey with no end in sight.  We love this lifestyle.  One thing that I have heard some people mention that might be hard is the close proximity, the need for some 'space' at times.  One friend has said more than once over the years, "We could never spend everyday all day, 24 x 7 with each other.

I agree - some people may not be cut out for this kind of life.  I think one thing that helps is showing mutual respect for each other.  We talk about 'pink jobs' and 'blue jobs', but in my book, I should know and be able to do all the jobs.  She likes navigating.  We both do the travel planning and picking dates when we want to be at places.

There are things that we are both good at and like to do and others not so much.  But we talk about it and get it all done.

Last thing we want to do is take each other for granted.  I can't tell you how lucky I feel with Pam doing so much.  No and then we see one or the other do 90% of everything.  I think it helps when both are pitching in.

I know I don't show Pam enough appreciation at times and thought maybe there are some of you out there too (and I need to remind myself) who could use a few ideas on letting your wife know how special she is.  I thought of 10 things I try to intentionally do to let her know I cherish her.

1.  Take out the trash often and without being asked.
2.  Empty the tanks often, especially the grey tank. (Nothing worse than having her taking a showing and the drain - grey tanks - are full.)
3.  Buy flowers for no good reason a couple of times a year.
4.  Wash the RV so its something she's proud of to live in.
5.  Make the bed.   (How many guys do that I wonder?)
6.  Let her drive the motorhome from time to time.  (Why hog all the fun?)
7.  Wash the dishes every night.  (Hey if she does all the cooking, its a pretty fair trade I'd say.)
8.  Help clean the inside of the RV from time to time (dust and polish the wood, do some sweeping and vacuuming.)
9.  Laundry.  Pam usually does the laundry but from time to time I do it just so she won't have to.  I am thinking the guy doing the laundry is not all that unusual.
10. TV - let her pick the programs.  I have some favorite shows and we both generally agree on the programs.  She loves baseball so we watch a lot of that.  If there's something I like I tape it and can watch it another time.
11.  Pay the bills. What few bills we have we electronically so it is easy for me to keep up with them and pay them online.
12.  Order mail.  Ordering periodic mail is not a big deal but its something I can do quickly so I do it and its one less thing for her to be concerned about.
13.  Make the campground reservations.  We have a lot of campground reservations.  And we often have changes in our plans.  I usually make the reservations and update it on the calendar so we both know what is still 'planned' and what has been actually 'reserved'.

There are some ideas that work for us.  We are still on our honeymoon (38th year in February) and I thought I'd share some ideas that seem to be working for us.

You probably have some great ideas that are not listed here -- please share them with the rest of us!

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Wow,Randy, you pretty much summed up how Mike and I live both in an RV and when we lived in a house. We really enjoy each other's company and do most things together. Yes, Mike makes the bed everyday!! He was in food service management for years so he loves cooking....although we do share that responsibility. We enjoy experiencing things together and have fun trying to outdo the other with our cameras!!
    All in all, you and Pam do life much like we do!!

    1. I think so - it sounds like it. As I look back, I had a dad who was like that and a good example. He didn't talk about it much, he just pitched in and did things. Thanks for your note!

  2. Randy you sound like a perfect gentleman, Pam is very lucky to have someone so thoughtful.

    Kevin does all the driving and I am perfectly fine with that but I think I do the garbage almost every time and wash the dishes but he will dry them if we are in the motorhome, I can't remember the last time I got flowers from him. :-( and he never makes the bed but he does do the vacuuming and he keeps Sherman in tip top shape. :-)

    He also does all of the organizing for our trips with input from me of course. I think that you are totally right that sometimes it looks like one person is doing 90% of something one day but the next day it could be the other way around, it all evens itself out.

    As you said it is all about appreciation and that goes both ways and I am sure that Pam appreciates you as much as you appreciate her.

    Lovely post!


    1. Thanks Ruth - I haven't been accused of that lately... :)

  3. How about marrying me? (says Steve) LOL

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Terry - we won't tell folks the rest of the story...

  5. I always help my bonnie bride with all household chores. I even offer to let her help me with RV things like changing the engine oil and rotating the tires. Funny, she always turns me down on those... ;c)

  6. I do 6, we share 3, that's 9.He does the other 4 which includes all the driving, outside cleaning and emptying of tanks. Also the hooking up and unhooking of the tow car. Which is fine except when we are in 1 place for a few weeks - then he is asked to do some "inside" work :)