Monday, February 20, 2017

Another Birthday!

It's been almost three weeks since Harrison arrived to join big brother Brooks.  Since that time, Brooks has found plenty to do including one of his favorite pastimes like
playing in the mud puddles in the backyard while wearing his blue Croc boots.

Interestingly enough - his second birthday was last week.  He stretched the fun out with a little celebration mid week as well as some things on the weekend.  On his actual birthday he opened some presents and had a birthday cupcake.
I don't know which he enjoyed more.  Blowing out the candle again and again, or eating the frosting off his cupcake.  He had a good time with both of them though.

On Friday he went to school (for 3 hours) and was given a nice prize to commemorate his big day.
 He proudly wore his Birthday Hat home from school and then put it on a couple of times during the weekend.
If you had a hat that cool wouldn't you?

On Saturday morning it was such a nice day that he played in the front yard.  Then his mom Kelly brought out his lunch for him to eat on the front steps.
He has his own way of doing certain things which is always fun to watch.  He took the one peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich that was cut in half and he carefully separated it.
He then had four pieces he meticulously set on the steps behind him and then began to eat the jelly off each side before he eventually devoured them all.

Brooks had already finished his lunch but he helped supervise serving some beef sandwiches on the back deck.
 Later in the day after afternoon naps, Kelly filled up some party balloons and Brooks waited for his buddies to show up.
They did and had a good time.  Here Brooks is determined to go up his slide from the bottoms.  The heart was willing but the new Crocs were to slippery.  But he still tried 7-8 times before he went around and climbed up the back way.
 And the boys also checked out the new basketball goal that was set up on the deck.
And Jon (with Heath's help) was grill some of what is becoming his legendary meat recipes.  Saturdays mouth watering treat:  beef tips.

Everyone had a good weekend and Brooks is getting used to having his little brother.  We are enjoying it all!

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Just love the way kids are happy to eat the way they want. The pic of the sandwich on the steps with him is great. Very nice weather you are having also.

  2. Yes, the pic of Brooks on the step eating his sandwich is priceless!! He'll probably have a child one day and he can say, "I used to eat my PBJ that way too." I know you guys are truly enjoying your time with those sweet "grands." well, those pictures on the beach are sure nice as well. You guys enjoy!

  3. I'll bet he eats his Oreo cookies the same way! So glad you have this time with your family!

  4. I see Pam's eyes in Brook's eyes...He is just adorable!!