Saturday, December 3, 2016

Biking Around Key West

One of my favorite things to do in  Key West is to ride my bike.  The place is very bike friendly and it is fun to take the 12.5 mile 'circuit' around the island.  I use the MapMyRide App and it logs my route.
I think the best time of the day is early morning when shop owners are out and spraying down sidewalks and opening up.  But that's not the only time I ride.  This past week, it was a mix of different times for my bike rides.

On the first day out, I was getting underway, crossed a bridge and before I got to the Charter Boat docks I saw this fellow on a large pipe.  He was just enjoying the day and sunning himself.    It might be the largest iguana I have ever seen.
As I got down around the Harbourwalk area near the Schooner bar, I saw that they had some lobster crate Christmas Tree decorations up.
Lots of boats in the harbor ready to take tourists out to fish or see through the bottom of the glass boat or take a sunset cruise...

Later on, as I passed by Front Street and Mallory Square, I rode up Whitehead Ave past the Hemingway House.  It was still pretty early so there was not a line there to get in yet.
Farther on down the road, the Southernmost Point buoy was pretty crowded.  Best time to see that and get a picture is early morning.
Around the way and along the seaside, I passed Higgs Beach which is colocated with an African Cemetery.
It commemorates slaves who died after being rescued off the coast from slave ships in 1860.
Across the way is another beach - Smathers Beach which has a lot of area for folks to get some sun.
The bike trail goes right along the sea wall here not far from the airport.
One highlight of meandering around Key West is to see the gorgeous roosters.  These birds are the most beautiful I have ever seen.
At one time these chickens participated in 'cock fights' but after that was outlawed they were allowed to run free and are protected.

Out of the seven days, there I got to take a bike ride four of those days.  It was something that I thoroughly enjoyed and got a little bit of exercise during my 90 jaunt around the island each day.
Fortunately, we had mostly good weather.  It was hot - which is always nice at the end of November.  Not sure when we'll be back to KW, but I look forward to biking around the island again one day.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. You are making me jealous of the warm sunshine in the Keys.
    We thought we'd try Arizona this year but it's nearly as cold as back home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Nice tour of island, never biked it myself. Been having great weather inside Disney World so far.

  3. Brings back a lot of memories of good times around KW. :c)

  4. So fun to see you in action while we were in Key West! Speaking of iguanas, there was a 3.5 foot iguana on the beach at Key Largo's Marriott. He was such a regular that the bar tending staff called him Fred. Fred stole the lunch off the lady's plate while she sat in a beach chair five over chairs over from me. Yikes! Too close for my comfort!

  5. Very Jealous!! The last time we were in Key West was August 2005, with our Cougar..Hurricane Katrina came in on our second day there and we were chased out of there in a hurry. We were camping on Long Key, and made it to the Northern Florida border that stay out of the bad weather...I sure do want to go back there!!