Tuesday, July 5, 2016

2016 Brothers Reunion - Sunday and Monday

On Sunday morning we drove over to Sonoma to attend church at the oldest Episcopal Church in California.  Since all the brothers grew up Episcopalian, we had some roots there.  It was a nice service with a friendly congregation in a beautiful setting.
 One thing in our genes, is the ability (and desire) to meet people and talk.  So it was not surprising that Marty offered that the right thing to do was to have coffee and meet some people in the church parish hall.  We had a very nice time doing just that.
 After church we walked around downtown Sonoma and found a good place for lunch.
 We discovered a Mexican Restaurant with seating on a balcony overlooking the stream.
 Next we drove back over to Murphys for an afternoon at the theater where we saw Shakespeare's 'Measure for Measure'.
 It was another quaint setting and the local players did a good job with the play.  I had never heard of the work before but we all enjoyed it.
I think one of the unwritten goals of our time together was to gain 20 lbs each!  We ended up on Marty's deck for dinner again and were glad to be joined by Margie and Terry who each lived a few houses up the street in Arnold.
 We topped it off we a big chunk of watermelon.  Doesn't everyone eat watermelon over the 4th of July?

On Monday we hit the links again and had some more fun at the Forest Meadow Golf Course in Arnold.  For some reason, none of us were on our game, but golf is like that some time...
 It was still fun playing together and we were glad to be out on the links.

The afternoon schedule included a stop over at Columbia State Park.  This was a fascinating place to say the least!  It was definitely a highlight.  It is one of the best 'Western towns' I've been too.
 It is a place frozen in time -- the Historic 1850's Gold Rush in the Mother Lode country.  All the shops and stores look authentic and it has a couple of well done museums.
 We basically wandered around for a couple of hours and had tickets for their BBQ.
 I thoroughly loved the old museum.  It had a number of displays including explanations of the many ways they mined gold during that historic period in the region.
And then the gem -- a brief explanation of how Cinco de Mayo started.  It began with celebrations right there in the area dating back to 1862.  Now look how it has grow and something that is commemorated all across the country.  Another fascinating tale from our travels.

 Many of the locals were dressed up in costumes of the time period.
While we ate and enjoyed the afternoon, we were entertained by some very good musicians.
 These folks played for quite a while and they were really good.  It was a wonderful afternoon.
We sat around and listened for a while and the events of the weekend came to a close.  The folks in Columbia are like so many in that area and have a keen interest in perpetuating the traditions and culture of those interesting Gold Rush days.

The main locals all gathered in the middle of the street for the annual picture.
Then we were keen to get back to Marty's cabin and hang out some more.  The late afternoon BBQ was our dinner for the evening which worked out great.
Reid led a couple of interesting discussions during our evenings.  One had to do with courage and he began by asking 'When in your life would you say you have been courageous'.  Very revealing and everyone had something to offer.  The last evening together we talked about Legacy and what we can do or are doing to pass on a legacy to our children and grandchildren.

That it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Thanks for joining us as we celebrate each other and time together over the 4th of July!

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