Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Roadrunner Camping Spots in January 2016

I find it hard to remember where we were at times.  If I had created this kind of a blog post the last 79 months we have been on the road as Full-Timers, I could have done a quick search to see where we were when.

Maybe I'll go back and create one like this for each month.  Then again that sounds like way to much work.  We'll see, but for now here's a look at where we camped during the month.

In January, we were in the following locations:

Anglers RV Campground, Cedar Keys FL:
It took a while to find this one but it turned out to be a pretty good spot.  The campground is a bit aged and there are plenty of long term people there, but we scored a level spot with lots of space from our neighbors.  Plus the price was right.  Price is always important to us.  We spent a lot of time inside the Roadrunner, so it is not like we have to have a great view of something at every campsite.

We like it here and even prefer it over the more pricey and newer Cedar Keys RV Resort probably because of both the price and the privacy.

It is only 7-8 miles from scenic and historic Cedar Keys so it is a good spot.  If we returned to this area, we wouldn't mind staying here again.

Racoon Creek FamCamp, MacDill AFB, FL
This is our first campsite at MacDill AFB.  We were told a lot of sites were getting upgraded to 50 amp and there were a lot of longer term seasonals that were displaced so it was going to be 10 or 11 days maybe at this site.
At $10 a night, it was not a problem.  We don't mind boon docking and the shower house and laundry are large and one of the better ones at Air Force campgrounds.
But the next day we were called and asked if we wanted to move to a site with full hookups.  Of course that is the preferred approach so we did and got a normal spot.  It was more crowded than our last place but a very typical campsite.

Another thing we liked was that we ended up being right across from friends Jim and Betty.

There is not much of a view but it is a short walk to a nice but small beach.  I liked the pickleball twice weekly at the base gym with other RVers from the campground.  It was rainy and windy and a bit cold most of our stay, so we didn't get out this time to play.

One of the detractors of this location is that it is on the back side of the base.  It takes 15 minutes from the campground to the front gate.

Even with that, this is a  it was a good campground for us and we likely will return again.

Sanlan RV Resort, Lakeland, FL
This was a decent place for us.  I liked the grass site.  It was level and we had easy access for our satellite TV.

The best thing about the campground it was where Bill and Marg were staying for the winter.  They snowbird at this resort from Ontario Canada.  We were able to spend a week there and lots of time with them.

The resort is in good shape, has a tidy feel to it with a good mix of long term park trailer models and seasonal campers.  And it has plenty of spaces for overnight and weekly renters.   I liked the location and Bill and I got out for a couple of rounds of golf which was nice.

About the only detractor to me was the issues in the front office (not sure exactly what all is going on there but they are definitely undergoing some stress...) and the higher rates we ended up paying ($41/night).

If Marg and Bill are here again, we likely will return.  If not, we probably would find a less expensive place.

Twelve Oaks RV Campground, Sanford, FL
As Pam just said to me, Florida is amazing!  We love exploring and learning all about this state.  It if full of history and some beautiful and warm places!  Obviously it can be crowded with a gazillion other snowbirds, but we try to stay away from high population areas.  At least on the weekends.

We love it here and are thinking about becoming Florida residents despite the higher costs than South Dakota and Texas.  But more on that on another blog.  We love Florida.  It has the best State Parks in the country, great major and minor highways and is very RV friendly.

That's a recap of where we were for the first month of the new year - thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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  1. Do you have to be a veteran to stay at military campgrounds? I served in the National Guard and Army Reserve, and was honorably discharged. I did not serve twenty years or get deployed for any wars. Does that mean i'm out of luck?