Monday, September 21, 2015

Blessed to Be Back in Virginia Beach

We arrived back in Virginia Beach last week and are at Dam Neck Annex Sea Mist Campground. Our time here has mainly been spent on spending time with grandson Brooks!
At seven months old he is doing great and a wonder.  We are learning the grandparents thing and loving it.

We haven't been over at daughter Kelly and son-in-law Jon's place everyday but almost.  And we are helping with things around the house as well as taking turns with Brooks.  Nothing like a few hours at a time with that little guy to get a dose of pure love.  He is pretty fantastic!

I love it now that he recognizes people and smiles and coos and yells and crawls around.  Half the time I think he is going to raise up off the ground and start running.  Then we'll all be in trouble.  He can be exhausting.  But I am not telling anything new to you grandparents or new parents out there.  I also notice my arms and shoulders are sore.  Twenty pounds is plenty to be toting or lifting around.

It's fun stuff.

We are close by to the beach.  We listen to the waves hit the shore over the sand dunes 100 yards or so away.  We are loving being near the beach again and Pam tries to go for a walk each morning.
Its a little breezy here today and a overcast at times, but nice fall weather.  A couple of days ago, I got my bike out and took a ride down to Oceanfront and the boardwalk.  Not sure what bridge is near 5th Street, but I took the first two shots near the top of the bridge.
 Then I got down to the bike path and enjoyed it for a while.

Last week Nassar and I got together and played a round of golf at Stumpy Lake Golf Course.  We walked 18 holes and it was great.  Even had a few nice shots between us.  But the more interesting part of our time together was sharing stories of life on the road as full timers.  We last played golf together about 5 years ago with a mutual friend.  At that time Nassar and his wife were on the verge of retiring and getting ready to fulltime.

They have two years of fulltiming and we talked and talked about stories and experiences on the road.  One word I remember him using time again to describe their take on it was --MAGICAL!  He said it more than once.  It has just been magical!

I got to thinking what word I would use?  Regrets? Mistake? Scary? -- Nope.

Or would I use words like:  Amazing? Blessed? Awesome? Yes.

So we are glad to be here and glad to be still doing this.  I am sure things are going to change somewhat but no big ones in sight.  The biggest change we've noticed recently is in our winter schedule.

We plan to be in Florida most of the time but will be coming back to the area a couple of times.  We will probably leave the Roadrunner at a campground and just leave it there and make the drive back to Virginia Beach around the holidays and again for Brooks' first birthday in February.

Since kids are back in school the campgrounds are a little emptier and it may be my imagination but I think there is an excitement building out there as folks make their winter plans and look forward to Arizona and Florida and seeing their snowbird friends!

I know we are looking forward to the next few months and maybe we will be able to see YOU!

Enough for now - thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Brooks sure is a handsome lad, must have inherited good genes from his grandparents... ;c)

  2. Glad you are enjoying your time back at Virginia Beach with the family close by. Brooks looks like a real cutie and I can see why you are loving your time with him. We will be seeing our two grandchildren in just over a week's time and we are so looking forward to it. Have fun! :-)

  3. Love that base and RV Park. I was an instructor there at OSA School and my last tour there was as Command Master Chief at NOPF when I retired in 1995. My wife, Judy and I stayed at the Sea Mist in Oct. 2012. I know your time there will be great.