Monday, February 2, 2015

Organizing with Stackers and Hangers

I'm always looking for new and better ways to organize and I found two things I wanted to show you. Maybe you'll find them helpful.

A few months back I was removing the numbers off the front of Kelly and Jon's house so I could paint the trim.  After painting I was putting them back in place and I took my organizing nuts and bolts tray over to the ladder so I could find the right size nails.  After putting up 2 of the 4 numbers, I knocked the plastic tray of nuts, bolts, nails, etc off the ladder.

It was still usable with some mends with duct tape, but I started looking for a replacement set.  After checking out the usual places like Home Depot, Lowes, Sears and Harbor Freight I decided on this:
These stacking trays are the greatest!  I love how they fit on top of each other and therefore don't slide around.
Next, I like the interlocking capability.  The orange slides on the sides made them lock together and in our case, we have for so they all four lock together.  I can carry 2 or 3 or 4 as one unit which is handy.

It also has a better front orange tab that locks the individual tray.

And they sit well in the corner of the basement bay tray.

Another project was getting shoes off the floor in Pam's side of the closet and in a place where they wouldn't fall off their perch.
She would store them in clothe/cardboard box organizers and when we moved the coach, they would spill forward and scatter.
Not good.  Her idea was to get a cloth shoe bag where she could hang them up in pockets onto the back of the closet.

We hunted a couple of months before she found what she was looking for:

It happened to be the only one left so we got the floor model for $2.50.  A great deal.
Others we had seen were $15 - $50. So we were glad for getting that one.

I measure the where the holes were to hang it on a couple of nails.  But I then decided to put large pieces of velcro across the back and down each side.
The finished shoe holder is holding up and working well.
That's two of the latest ideas we have used to organize nuts and bolts and Pam's shoe in the Roadrunner.

Thanks for stopping by today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  We always appreciate it.  And when you leave comments.


  1. Great ideas. Especially the nuts and bolts.

  2. I have to get those interlocking trays, what a great solution to my misc. odds and ends that I carry and have stashed all over the place. :c)

  3. Only have very few of these, but like them for their straight sides and amazing range of sizes.

  4. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Home Depot we go~!!

  5. Randy, I love the storage boxes. I have a couple that I bought from WalMart but they are just not large enough. I will take a look at these. Great review of a cool product. And if they fail, HD is pretty good about taking stuff back.