Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Four Weeks in Virginia Beach

We've been in Virginia Beach now for about four weeks.  It's been great and we really had a wonderful holiday.  Hope you did also, where ever you may be.

The last few weeks have been quite fun actually.  Especially the Christmas time.  It was cool but not freezing cold and we had the great situation where we could all get together.  Adam and Melissa drove down and stayed at Kelly and Jon's for a few days.  It was nice.  Just hanging out and watching some holiday movies together.

Then - last week, we did some work on some projects over at K&J's house and had dinner together a few times.  On New Years' we watched the Rose Bowl Parade and enjoyed getting together with some of their friends.

There have been some projects that we have been chipping away at like toy boxes and remaking closets and doing some baseboard and molding.  Back here at the Roadrunner, we've cleaned out the whole inside with scrubbing the floors, vacuuming and shaking out all the rugs.  I even got the courage to unclog the bathroom sink and took the U-trap out and cleaned out all the gunk.

On top of the Roadrunner I swept off some pine needles and cones and check to see if any water is collecting in the toppers over the slides.  Nope - looks good.  The insulated hose with the heated wrap is working fine and I am into 'tank management' now preparing for 16 degree weather the next couple of nights.

By that I mean, I have filled up the clear water tank to about 85% and I have only emptied the grey and black tanks to at least 50%.  Today we went to the laundromat and washed a big wool flocati rug from the baby's room and also washed our big bed spread.

I guess the one of the things I have liked most about the last few weeks is the chance for a little one on one with some young men.  Nothing like an hour or so to chew the fat and hear what is going on in the lives of different 20 and 30 year olds.  Fun stuff.  One thing I like to ask is what they have been reading lately or what apps they have on their smart phones and also how the job is going in general.  Every one is unique and has a different story.  I love hearing them all and glad I have the chance to do some of that.

Also in the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of reading and just finished Grisham's 'Sycamore Row' which I enjoyed.  And I have a few other books going.

Looks like it may snow a little on and of the next couple of days.  We are planning on spending the weekend up Fairfax and it may be also be cold up there.  After wondering for a while if my blood was ever going to thicken up, I think it is.   We are dressing in layers and getting used to it.

A little over five weeks and we are due to be grandparents.  That has been a real joy already -- just watching Kelly and Jon getting ready for it.  She's doing fine and they both seem like they are not too overwhelmed with the idea (although they confess they do have those wide-eyed "Do you realize there is going to be a baby in this house in a few weeks?" - kind of moments.)

We are all getting pretty excited and yet are in no hurry -- and also want to take in this preparation time too.

That's about it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles - thanks for checking in!

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