Friday, November 15, 2013

Kelly is 31

Those of you with kids probably are very proud of them.  We are blessed to have Adam (32) and Kelly (31).  I always love reading what they write.

Today Kelly is 31 and I wanted to share what she wrote in her blog today:  13 on 31  (or you can click on the House of Gold on the right panel under "Blogs I Follow".

Hope you enjoy it.

Tomorrow's post:

What I learned from going to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to renew my Driver's License.  

Hope you'll you'll join me for that.
Until then...


  1. I hope they treated you better at the SD DMV than they did me. I got scolded in front of everyone in the room by a DMV lady for not having the right kind of SS card, which was the one my parents got for me in 1960. Not my fault the government changed the design over the years. Had to return to my campground and bring back my tax W-2 with my SSN on it. The only rude person I ever met in SD.

  2. Happy Birthday to Kelly! Any DMV office is not fun!