Friday, January 11, 2013

Few Days in Sebring, FL

We left the Keys a few days early in order to "drop in" at a Habitat for Humanity build in Sebring, FL. We were scheduled to got there with the Care-A-Vanners last year but it was cancelled.

We stayed at the Cloverleaf 4H Campground near Lake Placid, FL which is about 10 miles from Sebring.  We set up in the parking lot where they have 25-30 hookups. The accommodations were very adequate.
For $12/night we got water/electric and have a dump station and a Blue Boy.  We were all set.

The affiliate has been very active over the last few years but this past year, they have been affected by the downturn in the economy.  The main activity for us was getting ready for the foundation pour on the newest home.  Pam and I showed up on Monday and went to work.

Pam is getting something off the back of the truck and to the side are Jennifer and Allan.  Jennifer is the Volunteer Coordinator and Allan is the Construction Manager for the affiliate.
One of our tasks was getting the rebar set up.  We made some grates by twisting wire ties with a handy little twist tool.  Then we set the grates in holes under the foundation.
We also set up a couple of leveling pipes and put them at an even height with the top of the forms around the foundation.  And we adjusted rebar that was down along the walls and made sure it was a couple of includes off the ground.

Tuesday was the big day for pouring.  This was my first time helping on a foundation pour.  We had plenty of help with the 'cement crew' of about six retired concrete workers who ran the operation.
I actually got to drag some cement around in my loaner cement boots.  It was hard work but went pretty quickly.

The guy running the 'whirley bird' thingy after the concrete set up, has done a few of these before.  Like 123 homes before this one.  He has been doing it here for Habitat since 2000 or 2001 and helps out on when they pour the foundation.
It turned out well and we got it all leveled and cleaned up around the site.

The next day we went over to the ReStore where they have been working on apartments for visitors.  They can host 20-30 kids with Teen Challenge in the facilities.  

They had to put in a fire sprinkler system a few months ago and were cleaning up.  I took some photos at lunch time.  Frank and Jim were the two guys I worked with all week.  Pam came down with a cold she hasn't been able to shake so she is working through it...
Yesterday I helped Frank work on the front of the ReStore and Habitat Offices where the fire sprinkler systems meets the street.  The knobs, gauges and connections were installed but needed to be covered up a little bit.
So Frank and I spent the day working on it.  It was a short day and I returned to the coach.  I dumped the tanks using the Blue Boy and we got things put away.  We will be heading for Tampa next.
Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. We went through Lake Placid on our way to LaBelle....Gonna make a note of that campground...sounds like a great deal!

  2. You guys are stay young and strong doing all those good deeds. I bet you are learning new skills all the time to keep the mind sharp also. Thanks for the post, I have never seen pretty blue rebar. Have fun in Tampa, we will be in Sarasota next week.

  3. I are staying young and strong working so hard for others! We looked into helping with Habitat for Humanity, but pups are not allowed or at least that is what we were told at the time! Enjoy your nice weather....we are freezing in Tucson!!!