Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time at Red Bay, AL

We have been at the Tiffin Motorhome factory service campground for over a week.  Almost two weeks.  They have scheduled appointments and 'First Come First Service' Three Hour service bays.  They have 48 service bays and distribute the work between scheduled appointments and the Three Hour service bays.

We did not have an appointment so we waited and got into a Three Hour Service Bay in a couple of days.  Our list was not too long this time:

  • Fix or replace the toilet switch
  • Check the step cover which was not closing 
  • Adjust the 4" large awning tray so it rolls under the awning when it retracts
  • Replace front spotlight on top of the cab above the windshield
  • Check electrical problem to determine if it is the inverter
  • Check under slide out floors for any leaks or wood rot
  • Replace wood flooring under the wet bay
Nathan and Justin got right to work.  
  • Nathan adjusted the awning tray while Justin tweaked the toilet switch.  I bought a replacement switch and he showed me how to hook up the wires in case it gives out.  
  • They looked at the entrance step cover and it appeared to be working fine.  
  • The awning support tray was adjusted so it will roll up under the awning cover when it retracts.
  • The electrical problem we described should be fixed when we get an new inverter next when we get a Residential Refrigerator installed off site at Brannon's.  
  • All the slide outs were checked for leaks and all is well there.
  • Then we got a new spotlight that had to be painted.  After lunch they picked it up and Justin climbed on top of the Roadrunner, got strapped into a safety harness and got it installed.
The wet bay leak is a big problem and they are in the process of fixing hundreds of RVs by replacing the  plywood underneath the clear, grey and black tanks.
This is really a gnarly process:
The piece they will replace looks like this:
Unfortunately, we are quite a few days out to get ours done.  Looks like next week sometime.

In the meantime, we have gotten a new spot light:
The actual work on our coach took a couple of hours.  So we have had a chance to go see the production line over at the plant:
It is fascinating each time we visit the plant.  And we learn a lot!

Thanks for joining us again for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. Curious ( or just plain nosey)...Is all this work under warrantee, or do you have to pay for this..? I sure like they way Tiffin operates..Food for thought if (when) we graduate to a motorhome...

  2. Justin and Nathan and the guys in bay 8 are super! They have handled everything I've ever thrown at them with ease. Glad your getting things fixed up.

  3. Is it just me? It seem there are more bloggers who write about their trips back to Tiffin to get repairs done than similar blog entries about other Manufacturers. Have I just chanced upon more of them? Or is this a quality issue? We are newbies to all of this and it's just curious.

  4. It'll feel nice to cross those things off your list, huh!