Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On to Arizona!

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Now for a quick recap since our last post:
Before we left Alpine, TX we made an evening trip to McDonald Observatory.
Are we glad we did.  We got their in time for two programs and ended up under the starts and constellations and got to look through a couple of cool telescopes.

Then is was Westward Ho! and we went through El Paso (where we picked up a chip in the windsheild) and on to Deming, NM.  We gained an hour and were making good time so we decided to continue to Benson Arizona and the Escapees Saguaro SKP Co-Op park.
We arrived mid afternoon but they only had overflow sites.  That was fine with us and we took one and looked around.
The clubhouse is among the bigger ones we have seen.
As an SKP Co-Op, many campers own their sites.  They are good sized lots and though they are different they are all very well maintained.
Before we checked in for a campsite, we decided to call Apache Flats at Fort Huachuca. They had an opening so decided to move on and stay in Sierra Vista, AZ for a few days.
The sites were good-sized and the scenery was great.  They even had a workout center/gym in the campground.
Our second night there, we even got some snow!
But it didn't last long and the next day we went to Bisbee and Tombstone for day trips.  Both have a lot of history back to the 1880's.  Today Bisbee is a tourist town now with reminders of the mining community it once was.
We had a picnic lunch there and headed over to Tombstone which was about 26 miles away.

We stopped at Boothill Cemetery which was interesting.
While we were at Fort Huachuca, we went back to Tombstone (only 23 miles away) and we joined some new friends for Karaoke Night at Big Nose Kate's Saloon.
It was a memorable way to celebrate our 32nd anniversary!

Whew!  That was a lot of catch up, but after this post, there will be more times and days of our lives in Tucson to follow...  We intend to be here for the next couple of months.

Thanks for viewing this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Great area you're in. I think Fred & Jo Wishnie are at Sierra Vista right now.

  2. happy happy anniversary to you both!..may you have many more years of marital bliss!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Surprised to see you are in AZ -- seems only yesterday you were in TX.LOL You guys move fast:) Enjoy.

  4. Happy 32nd anniversary, Randy and Pam! Dave and I will be celebrating our 32nd in May.

  5. Happy Anniversary! 32 years? Wow, that is something to be proud of! I hope you have many more anniversaries ahead of you. Enjoy AZ!

  6. Happy Anniversary....We are all so lucky to still be here and with our "best friends", eh?...I love that area of Arizona you are in...Lots of Old West history there..enjoy!!

  7. Happy Anniversary... We were in that area last year and really enjoyed it...Have fun!
    Travel safe

  8. A very Happy Anniversary - you both look bundled up, but the warm weather is coming your way! Enjoy the southwest and travels.

  9. Happy Anniversary Randy and Pam.

    Wow! You sure covered a lot of ground in this post. We visited Bisbee and Tombstone last year and your pics brought back some great memories!

  10. Great minds think alike! You are following the same destinations we just went through! If you are in the area, check out Arizona Hideaway...great little restaurant on the premises and a beautiful shady campground with lots of mature cactus and trees in Picacho, AZ. We also found a terrific deal at Palm Creek in Casa Grande, AZ between Tucson and Phoenix, but it's not everybody's cup of tea due to how big it is. But it's beautiful, has a golf course, and TONS of activities. Hope we can meet up with you guys some time!

  11. Can't believe it! We just left the Escapees Park in Benson on Monday. Had been there for a month. Spent lots of time in Tombstone and Bisbee. On Sunday we went to Ft. Huachua and walked the cemetery while the snow was still on the ground.

    Yea, most of the time we were in Benson, the co-op only had dry camp sites available. We got lucky I guess.

    We are in Gila Bend until Sunday. NOTHING HERE! NOTHING!!!!

    Hope to meet up with ya'll again.

  12. You tucker a fella out just a readin' bout all the places you go. Don't know about them other places in Airezona, but if'n you get the chance to stay at that Queen Mine RV park in Bisbee fer a couple of days, I think you'd reelly enjoy it. Seems like most of the tourists is just a day trippin' and you sorta got the place to yerownself at nite.

    Nilda says that if we ever get back out west agin, though since Ol' 5th Wheel just ain't to dependable it ain't likely, that's one place she says we got to go back two.