Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Roadrunner Era Begins!

Yes! We bought our RV Friday and christened it 'The Roadrunner'. Over the course of the next few weeks this blog will be modified to be: The Roadrunner Chronicles

Yesterday we met the seller at the bank and took about 15 minutes to handle the paperwork.
We then drove about 3 miles away to his place and had some last minute items. We found out the connectors to the Blue Ox towing system, the RV, and the Honda did not match so no towing this time.
I took off with Pam following in the Honda. I drove about 45 miles and we checked into the campground. Only had a couple of wrong turns, one place where I slightly 'curbed' it. I thought of my brother Brad and what it must have been like when he went 'solo' for the first time. That was back in 1976 when he got his USAF pilot wings. (Probably not quite the same thing...)

After we found our campsite and got settle in. We sat down and enjoyed it for a bit.Then we hunted down a trailer hitch place to get an adapter for the Blue Ox cable connector and made a run to Bass Pro Shop. Later we had dinner and met some folks in the neighboring campsites.
We met Roosevelt and Dorothy and Tony.
Then met Linda, Tony's wife.
All very nice people. We got to talking with Tony and Linda and had a really good time with them.Our spot is near the water on two sides and we really enjoyed it.
How is this for a neat sunset. It was about 50 yards from our campsite and where Tony and Linda went fishing the next day. There are some big ones in there!
After dinner and talking some more we settled in for our first night as Full-timers.
More to follow from the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Awesome!!! Beautiful coach and what an exciting time for you guys. We hope to be there very soon. We haven't been as lucky as you all in the sell of our house. It will happen!!
    Have fun!! I can almost feel your smile all the way to Georgia.
    Mike and Gerri Jones

  2. Congratulations!!!!
    We look forward to following the Roadrunner Chronicles and meeting you down the road.
    Best wishes for many safe, happy and trouble-free miles ahead.
    - Natasha

  3. Congratulations on taking possession of the new coach! It looks great. We're planning on dropping by this Saturday for your "send off".

  4. Way to go, Randy
    All the best.

  5. Randy and Pam...

    Congratulations on officially being fulltimers. We look forward to hearing about your journey and especially look forward to meeting up with you guys in a campground real soon.


  6. We will miss you two - but we are SO excited for you.

    Doug & Chris