Friday, October 10, 2008

Another step to fulltiming -- fixing up the garage before we sell the house

We still intend to put our house on the market next April. In order to get ready, we are systematically taking on different projects. The garage has needed a lot of work and something we wanted to turn into an asset instead of an eyesore.

Our efforts began by painting the walls and ceiling and then we concentrated on the floor.

Mike (my brother-in-law) and Jeremy(Mike's son-in-law) were a huge help this last week. They drove up from Tennessee with their wives and kids/grand kids.

You can tell it is break time: Mike and Joan taking a breather and Noah is inspecting things.
Ed (our dog) is doing what he does best... and is at his full speed :)

Surprisingly, the work went pretty quickly after we got into a rhythm. Jeremy is working on the wall near the front door.

We started on the walls in one corner, got the ceiling painted and then worked on the floor. After Jeremy finished the walls, he put two coats of epoxy on the floor.

It turned out well and we are that much closer to getting our house ready to sell in the Spring (2009).
We have more work to do and will keep you posted!
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  1. it looks so clean and nice! good job!

  2. Your garage looks great! Can your team come out and do ours? =)

  3. Angela, can I have the team come -- Ed the dog and all -- after you?! :-) WOW! Melodye