Tuesday, April 9, 2019

On to Renovations

It is hard to imagine that two months ago we started on our sabbatical from full-time RVing.  We had originally planned to be in Red Bay, AL this week getting some minor repairs done and parking the Roadrunner on 4th Ave and 2nd St.

But things have a way of working out a little differently sometimes.  We connected with a buyer in February and headed back to Virginia Beach.

A couple of weeks Pam and I found a house and had three weeks before closing.  So we drove to Arizona and back and had a blast, seeing friends and family along the way.  We arrived back in time to sign papers and are new home owners.  We've been looking at renovation plans
and signing contracts right and left.  We are not doing the work on our house but are having it done.  The 7-week schedule began yesterday.  The major items are a new kitchen and two new bathrooms.

We have the benefit of having a talented Interior Designer daughter and an ace realtor son-in-law so they have some good contacts.  Plus we have seen the work they have done on their own house over the years.  And they (Jon and Kelly) close on Friday, Lord willing, on the sale of the flip house they just finished.
Pam and I are organizing the garage, making shelves and work benches.  Today we also spent time marking out the space for a garden in the back yard that I will be tilling.  Yesterday I spent time mowing the front yard after the dumpster was delivered.
Inside Dan put down a thin hardwood type material on the floors near the kitchen and bathrooms to protect them.
They have made good progress in the last couple of days
and we have been ordering materials and looking at appliances and tile etc.

This is going on while we have been attending to the fun stuff we get to do as grandparents.  We took the boys to the Virginia Aquarium which is always a treat.
And we get to spend time with them at the house.
And fishing in the lake behind the house.

So that's what we've been up to lately.  Now and then we get asked, "Do you miss RVing"? I usually answer, "We made the right decision and are very fortunate how it has turned out. We got to full-time for almost 10 years and loved every minute of it."

We'll have more to say on it and the transition from full-timing to re-establishing a "regular life".  We have much to be thankful for and are enjoying this adventure.  It's not better or worse -- just different.

More later and thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Hope you are well and enjoying where life is taking you.


  1. Have a great time getting settled in. Despite the occasional frustrations it’s fun to see the house come together.

  2. I really like that - "it's not better or worse - just different". New adventures, no matter how they are done, make life just plain great.

  3. I'm an echo it seemed, but that line hit me too. " Not better or worse, just different." And having just finished building our new home and settling in over the last 16 months I know how much fun it is

  4. Life is full of change...that keeps it interesting!!! You guys are going to have a ball making your new home “yours!” And all those memories with your kids and grandkids...priceless!!! Have fun!!

  5. Wow you have been staying busy. It is great you are making memories for the grand kids.